Media Contacts

Kim Torguson, Director of Communications & Engagement,
National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention

Maureen Iselin, Associate Director of Communications,
National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention

The way in which news media cover stories about mental health and suicide play an integral role in helping to change the national conversation about these important issues. In fact, numerous research studies worldwide have found that how news media report on these issues can either promote hope and help-seeking or can increase hopelessness and the risk of contagion among vulnerable individuals.  

And during significant public health crises, such as the current pandemic, more Americans are turning to news media for reliable, accurate information. In a recent Pew Research Center survey, 59% of Americans say the news media are providing them with the information they need about the pandemic, underscoring the critical role of the news media during this time.

Given this, the Action Alliance’s National Response and its partners are committed to working alongside members of the news media to help inform their coverage and encourage prevention-focused stories that follow best practices. Whenever reporting on mental health or suicide and suicide prevention, reporters are encouraged to use the following resources:

Mobile phone showing Covid-19 information