Change the national conversation about mental health and suicide.

We must listen to and lift up the voices and experiences of people affected by emotional distress, mental illness, and suicide. 

Changing the conversation and the cultural understanding of mental health and suicide prevention is paramount to paving the way for transformative care. The shift in our national script needs to describe how common such conditions are, the diversity and sheer numbers of those affected, and the behind-the-number stories, as well as provide messages of resiliency.

Mr. David McFarland

Advancing Priority 1

The power of storytelling and elevating the voices of lived experience allows others— especially those most impacted by the pandemic—to see they are not alone in their struggles. Persons with mental health conditions and a history of suicidal experiences have for far too long existed in the shadows. The National Response is aiming to elevate those important and authentic voices to create a lasting and transformative cultural understanding of mental health and suicide prevention.


Priority 1 Work Group

Priority 1 is one of six strategic imperatives the National Response has identified to help transform mental health and suicide prevention nationwide in the wake of the pandemic and beyond.  

The co-leaders of the multi-sector Priority 1 Work Group are:

  • Ms. Noopur Agarwal, Vice President of Social Impact, MTV – ViacomCBS
  • Mr. David McFarland, Chief Executive Officer, DLM Entertainment Group/DLM Impact Partners

Please visit this page often for progress updates and for information on how you can get involved.

Priority 1 specific resources:

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All Americans—and all sectors of society—can help promote mental health and suicide prevention.

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