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The Action Alliance


The Nation’s Public-Private Partnership for Suicide Prevention

Since its founding in 2010, the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (Action Alliance) has mobilized 250 national diverse, public-private partners around a shared vision – a nation free from the tragic experience of suicide. We recognize that suicide is indeed preventable, and working together, have tirelessly advanced the goals of the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention, focusing on three priorities that hold the most promise for reducing suicide in the United States. They are: improving and strengthening suicide care, enhancing community-based suicide prevention, and changing the national conversation around suicide.

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Given its established focal areas and strong multi-sector connections, the Action Alliance was tapped to lead a coordinated and unified mental health and suicide prevention response to the pandemic.  

The Action Alliance formed the Mental Health & Suicide Prevention National Response to COVID-19 (National Response) as the unifying national voice and galvanizing force for accelerating actionable solutions to strengthen mental health, suicide prevention, and resilience for all Americans. 


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